Kooldog House will be featured on “Luxury Design for Dogs”

Braun publishing, specialized in contemporary architecture and design, is currently working on a new book title “Luxury Design for Dogs”. The book publication will feature around 60 of the best luxury product design for dogs from around the world, covering from furniture to jewelry and will be released in spring 2013.


Canadian Interiors Magazine

“The company’s first product – which really is a beaut – is the Kooldog House, created for the small-or medium – sized canine that appreciates the minimalist aesthetic.”

Canadian Interiors_small

Modern Dog Magazine

Featured on Cool New Stuff

“Indulge your dog! Kooldog house is designed to blend into your home décor.
Variety of wood finishes available. Machine-washable microfiber suede slipcover
provides ultimate comfort for your pet.”

10 Reasons Why I Love My Dog


10 Reasons Why I Love My Dog

  1. She doesn’t ask for my credit card.
  2. No matter what, when I open the door she waggles her tail.
  3. Doesn’t argue with me.
  4. No matter how I look, what I wear or how I smell, she always wants to be close to me.
  5. Kids love her.
  6. She is part of our family.
  7. She puts a big smile on my face after a long day at work.
  8. She likes to exercise with me. No gym required. Only put on the walking shoes and head to the park.
  9. She is picture perfect.
  10. Her name should be cutie pie.