Puppy Shower

Finally you decided to get a puppy and you can’t wait to share the good news with you family and friends. Getting a dog is a big decision and sharing it with your loved ones is the right thing to do. Why not a puppy shower? It’s so much fun and so easy to plan, not to mention what a wonderful way to welcome your new dog into your family.

I have a few party tips.

First, send out invitations, nothing fancy. Please consider a Saturday afternoon, it will be the best option for everybody. Have a welcome puppy collage with the first pictures of your new family member; leave some space for your guest to sign too. A spring backyard party would be great. You can barbecue some simple kabobs for the adults and provide some beefy meatballs for the four-legged guests. Another cute idea is to make simple cocktails or lemonade with doggie ice cubes. Don’t forget to have some plastic bags in case of an accident. Very important is to provide a private and quiet
place for your puppy to escape if he needs some time alone. Having a Kooldog
around will be the best option. Goody bags with doggie treats would be a
nice touch. Finally, your dog will greatly benefit from early social interaction
and what better way to start than by having a fun puppy shower. Enjoy!

Cruising the Twenty Valley

If you are looking for a beautiful place you can spend a day or two close to Toronto,
you need to visit the Twenty Valley, only an hour and 15 minutes away from downtown makes it a great weekend option.

There are so many things to do; no matter what you like, you will find something Cool. You can cruise around the region and have a blast, Wine tasting, a hike with you dog,
a luxurious spa day or a picnic in a conservation area just to name a few.
I recommend visiting Jordan, it is a small town but there are a few antique stores that are really interesting. Maybe lunch at the Inn on the Twenty where you cannot beat the views for your seat. The Inn is so upscale, it will totally impress your honey for a weekend of relaxation. Beside the restaurant is Cave Spring; a well-known winery that produces excellent Rieslings and close by you can start your adventure hiking the Bruce Trail.

My dog really enjoyed being in the wood and I have my Zen moment watching the Balls Falls. The small roads around this area gave me the feeling I was so far away
from Toronto. If you have the chance, go to the Twenty Valley, it is a lovely place to visit., not only for you, but for your doggie too.

From Gray Wolf to Yorkshire Terrier. How?

I read this super interesting article in the February 2012 National Geographic Magazine. It’s all about dog’s DNA and like it or not our best friend artificially evolved to become the most diverse animal on Earth. Pretty interesting how the gray wolf became a cute Yorkshire terrier.

Breeders mix and match to get the best dog that would suit their needs. Mixing dogs to obtain desired attributes is a practise used since ancient Egypt. Dog’s sizes, colour, hair and so on is decided by changing a group of genes. Dogs are so different because of the unusual evolution that breeders created by pressing the forward button in the natural evolution of this specie.

10 Reasons Why I Love My Dog


10 Reasons Why I Love My Dog

  1. She doesn’t ask for my credit card.
  2. No matter what, when I open the door she waggles her tail.
  3. Doesn’t argue with me.
  4. No matter how I look, what I wear or how I smell, she always wants to be close to me.
  5. Kids love her.
  6. She is part of our family.
  7. She puts a big smile on my face after a long day at work.
  8. She likes to exercise with me. No gym required. Only put on the walking shoes and head to the park.
  9. She is picture perfect.
  10. Her name should be cutie pie.

10 reasons why I need Kooldog house






AB2G9206_Med_1_small10 reasons why I need Kooldog house

  1. I can afford it.
  2. It fits into my home decor.
  3. It’s modern.
  4. It is not only stylish but also comfortable.
  5. Comfy cushion for siesta time.
  6. I can choose the face colour that would best represent us.
  7. I give to the ones I love.
  8. Sexy round edges.
  9. It’s THE Hottest New Product.
  10. I can order it with a click.