Dog Nutrition Tips

“Proper nutrition for your dog is a key to a healthy pet and it can also prevent disease.”

The first step in providing a good food for your pet is to get yourself educated about what is good nutrition for your dog. This can be very confusing as there are many products to choose from on today’s market. However, reading first few ingredients on the package can quickly give you an idea about the food. First few ingredients can often contain up to 85% of the nutrients in the package. This can include whole meat, bone, vegetables, whole grains and pro-biotic.  If first few ingredients include sugar or enhanced flavors, this is not a good sign.

 Here are some of the tips for a good nutrition for your dog.

  • Avoid feeding from scraps from your dinner table; this can lead to overweight issue.
  • First ingredients should be named meats, poultry or fish.
  • Find a dog food contains balanced combination of nutrients and it should have been processed in a way your dog will be able to absolve them into their body easily.
  • Do not feed your dog with access amount of fat and carbohydrates.
  • If your dog has skin problems, it’s wise to use food includes fatty acids such as Omega 3 & Omega 6.
  • Dried dog food is often considered as the best for dogs. However, try mixing variety of foods such as dry, canned and raw.
  • Pro-biotics can be helpful to boost the immunity.
  • Look for fruits and vegetables in the ingredients.
  • Do not over feed.
  • Puppies will need to be fed few times a day until they are 6 months old, twice a day until they are 12 months old and after that you only need to feed them once a day.